> On 2018/03/05 17:14, Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
> > It was annoying me that "aspirational" wasn't in common spellcheck
> > dictionaries and afresh@ suggested I submit a patch to at least get
> > the situation corrected for OpenBSD.
> > 
> > Before getting around to this, I noticed "supremacist" wasn't there
> > either so added that.
> hmm, according to README, this file is supposed to be "Webster's Second
> International Dictionary, all 234,936 words worth. The 1934 copyright
> has lapsed" ... should additions go in some other file or should the
> description be changed? It seems to have grown a bit already,
> $ wc -l web2  
>   235971 web2

If we added the complete english language, /usr would be full.

(Already a few people having trouble with multiple upgrades + the
new kernel/library link kits)

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