Appreciate the feedback on the down tilt.  I think we are currently at 3 
degrees with this one.  The truck just pulled out to go play with this a 
little.  I was excited by the upgrade over the weekend.  I also upgraded a 
handful of clients hoping to see great improvements but I actually got a text 
this morning saying it was worse!  The client went from having around 1 meg 
upload to .04 when he finally got the test to load.

I don't see how we can have any interference on this 2.5 license.  We are the 
only licenses around here for miles and this is our only deployment so far.  We 
will see how this helps.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Paul R. Vaughn
Tennessee Wireless
(931) 996-2050

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   1. Re: Down tilt (Andreas Wiatowski)


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Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 13:48:32 +0000
From: Andreas Wiatowski <>
Subject: Re: [Telrad] Down tilt
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I would literally go to the furthest point you wish to cover with a UR or take 
your most distant subscriber and tilt in a live environment. The LTE gear 
carries far,  and I think many of us are causing self interference.

If your HAAT (height above average terrain) is much lower that your site (say 
you have a tower on a hill or mountian) then you need to take this into account 
as well.  The more tilt you can use,  the less interference your going to 
hear... The better you are going to perform. We anticipate having to tilt upto 
10deg at some sites.

Andreas Wiatowski | CEO
Silo Wireless Inc.
19 Sage Court
Brantford, Ontario N3R 7T4 (CANADA)
Tel +1.519.449.5656<tel:+1.519.449.5656>  Extension-600|Fax 
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From: Ian Fraser <>
Date: 2016-09-18 9:35 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [Telrad] Down tilt

 I have not needed to be particularly careful with my TDMA gear so I have 
previously used Radio Molbile to give me an idea of tilt,  but LTE is still 
causing me grief in 3.65 and I need more aggressive tilt if I'm going to make 
this kit work.

Can someone validate the equation:






bw=antenna beamwidth (vertical)

Distance=distance from t to r on a horizontal plain at center of the beam

Rad/inner/outer = inner and outer edge of the beam (assume -3dB)

Assuming level ground and given :

t=220 meters

r=10 meters




Receiver Distance:    2400 m
Inner Coverage Radius:    1405 m
Outer Coverage Radius:    8020 m



On 17/09/2016 10:24 PM, Andreas Wiatowski wrote:


We are using the 3000 in band 40 in a 10Mhz channel with filters because it is 
the WCS band adjacent to Sirius XM.

We see about 34Mbps x 3-6Mbps UL.

If you are in an area with anyone within 50Miles of your band, you really want 
to know what they are running and make sure that you are timed via SA and SFF.

I would recommend serious down tilt.  We have gone to 5-7deg with tremendous 
performance increases on the uplink.  We were at 3-4deg and had a hard time 
getting 4Mbps on uplink, since changing a few sites to more aggressive 
tilt...we have seen a serious improvement in uplink. 2Ghz...carries far!.  We 
are running SA1 SSF1. Please keep in mind we have only 2 10Mhz channels and are 
running 4 sectros back to back with approximately 10KM between tower sites... 
so more small cell than Macro.

I just finished picking up another Anritsu BTS Master with FDD LTE options and 
I'm going to add the TDD LTE options to it.  It will give me OTA (Over the air) 
demodulation showing RB usage, EVM (error vector magnitude) measurements, 
constellation diagrams and a read of all OTA PCI ID's from a tower and adjacent 
with dominance statistics. I can get my hands on another 1 or 2 instruments for 
around 4K.  I'm not sure how much adding the TDD options will be, but I know it 
will be well worth it.

We also purchased a Sunsight AAT for Azimuth and tilt.  We are working on a 
deadly accurate RNP moving forward.  Already on 2 of the towers, the azimuths 
were out by a 10-15 deg magnitude and tilt was not 100%.

We are hoping with these tweaks we will be able to take our LTE network to the 
next level of quality.

Andreas Wiatowski | CEO
Silo Wireless Inc.
19 Sage Court
Brantford, Ontario N3R 7T4 (CANADA)
Tel +1.519.449.5656  Extension-600|Fax +1.519.449.5536 |Toll Free 

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Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2016 2:33 PM
Subject: [Telrad] Compact 3000 4X4 Patch

Anyone have a status on the following?

"Note 4x4 on the Compact 3000 is not supported in this build but coming within 
a few weeks.  So only the Compact 1000 for now,  Thanks Nick"  - This was 

I finally stayed up through the night to get everything updated to the 6.6 only 
to find out by reading the fine print afterwards that 4X4 was not supported 
yet.  Long frustrating night. And no help for the clients who are suffering 
poor uploads.

We are running the 3000 on 15 mhz band 41.  Has anyone found upload to be an 
issue?  It seems like I don't have any clients running more that a few hundred 
k upload.  Occasionaly I find one that will pull 2 megs.  I'd be interested to 
know what others are doing and if there is something we can do differently.  If 
I recall when we set this up we set it at 75/25 for the split.  I'm looking up 
info now on playing with that setting a little.  But honestly with only 15 mhz 
to play with we don't have a lot of download to give up.  Anyone else running 
this way, or have thoughts or comments on the setup?

Thanks - Paul

Paul R. Vaughn
Tennessee Wireless
(931) 996-2050

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