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> Now I see in BV that UpLink utilization is higher than it has ever been
> at 91% (peak was ~75% previously)  vs. DL at 58%.   I expect UL to drop
> or at least stay the same since we mitigated the noise slightly.
> I stopped frequency locking the UE's - could the UL utilization be
> caused by UE's that are on the 'wrong' sector ?

How many UEs are on your ENB that's seeing high up utilization?

We're currently wrangling with high upload (96% and more) usage on at least
one sector in the low 20s. CINR are fairly high across the board. Seems to
be new since 6.6, and doesn't seem to make much difference whether we're in
2x4 or 4x4 mode.

We've been comparing the output of "show ue-info active-ue-info-list
to identify UEs on the wrong sector. However, we're not using split mode,
so I doubt that would be helpful for you — from what I recall, split mode
just splits the RF chains, not the overall LTE capacity, so a client has no
way to identify which sector it's on.

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