> >>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Esser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     > As other have guessed: I don't like that europs approach as the
>     > type1 files cannot be distributed with teTeX.
> On the other hand there is support for Y&Y's Lucida fonts which are
> not free as well.

and the steady stream of complaints to y&y (who are merely selling
agents: bigelow and holmes designed the fonts), and on comp.text.tex,
is evidence of the trouble caused by having metrics but no fonts.

the situation is of course even worse for lucida, because several
subsets of the fonts exist (many of them "free", in the sense that
they are bundled for use with other packages) that look sub-standard
if used in tex.

> I'm not sure whether it is the most user friendly way to provide the
> support files along with teTeX,  it is probably quite convenient for
> people who have the Lucida fonts already installed.

"for the minuscule proportion of people who have the lucida fonts..."

> Installing the 'real' fonts shouldn't be difficult, but it might be a
> bit inconvenient.  You have to find out what you need, find out where
> it is on the disk, where the files should go, create the appropriate
> directories and, because the Y&Y stuff is based on WinDOS, you have to
> keep in mind that file names are case sensitive under UNIX.

installing the adobe euro fonts (to get back to the point at issue) is
the *only* tricky issue in the matter, for most tex users: widnoze
users will merely ask for the package to be installed, and it will
happen.  getting and installing the font is (imo) a big deal: it's a
bundle of files with stupid names, and there are no package managers
that will just stick them in place.

> [arguments about the y&y situation snipped]
> I CC this mail to Berthold Horn (as a representative of Y&Y) though I
> don't know whether Y&Y already does what I suggest.

y&y doesn't (berthold doesn't believe in the tds anyway, apparently
feigning not to understand why people don't just use the "vastly
superior" widnoze filing system and y&y tex's flat directory model).

personally, i would rather not have any of these commercial fonts in
the base distributions (including tetex).  i believe they merely add
to the feeling that so many people have, that "fonts in tex are deeply
obscure" (far worse than merely difficult).

we really need a tetex package manager; then the bundles for these
fonts can refuse to install if the .pf[ab] isn't available.  but
that's another argument...


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