Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
"Thomas" == Thomas Esser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    > As other have guessed: I don't like that europs approach as the
    > type1 files cannot be distributed with teTeX.

On the other hand there is support for Y&Y's Lucida fonts which are
not free as well.

I'm not sure whether it is the most user friendly way to provide the
support files along with teTeX,  it is probably quite convenient for
people who have the Lucida fonts already installed.

Installing the 'real' fonts shouldn't be difficult, but it might be a
bit inconvenient.  You have to find out what you need, find out where
it is on the disk, where the files should go, create the appropriate
directories and, because the Y&Y stuff is based on WinDOS, you have to
keep in mind that file names are case sensitive under UNIX.

From the viewpoint of a user things could be much more convenient:
Imagine a tar.gz file containing all the support files along with the
*real* fonts that can be extracted in any texmf* directory.  And this
tar.gz file should, of course, be distributed by Y&Y.

I don't think that it's your task to do that, Y&Y could do that as
well.  The interesting thing (at least for Y&Y) is that it doesn't
work for teTeX only, but for every TDS compliant system.

The only thing you have to provide is a README.teTeX, which explains
how to deal with the .map files.

I suppose that you want to leave the Lucida support files in teTeX
because there are some people using them.  But if you ever decide to
remove them in the future because the fonts are not free, I strictly
recommend to put them to CTAN.

I CC this mail to Berthold Horn (as a representative of Y&Y) though I
don't know whether Y&Y already does what I suggest.

Thomas removed that because of license (AFAIK the license
should allow redistribution, modification, and commercial redistribution
[e.g. I place in a CD together with other 1 million of files and sell for
1$, that's commercial usage]). If they would change license of .tfm+macros
files, I think that they could be easily reintroduced in teTeX. On the other
hand I think that for anyone buying the Y&Y MathTime or lucida would
be much easier to have them already supported and to just add .pfb files, than to deal with .map files, spread macro files trough TDS, avoiding overlapping, etc.


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