Hi Evaristo

Indeed the line rope needs some additions in an elegant way :).
Occasionally I have also wanted to make a Y-anchor without the dot in the
middle. But I hadn't had the time to add this feature. It can be done by
adding extra line point options. Similar to "adjust horizontal", "l-size",
etc for "line:wall".
This will require modifications to both the Metapost code to draw the
symbol, and to the therion c++ code that parses the options.
It would be possible to draw different types of anchors depending on the
line point option, but I am not sure if it will be easy to reflect the used
anchors in the legend.

Actually it would be best if there are both ways of setting an anchor: with
a line point option, or with a separate point "anchor" with different
options. The "anchor" point already exists, but is only one type.

When I draw a rope I always use it with "rebelays off" now and draw the
rebelays with a Bezier line. This allows me better control, because the
automatic rebelay curves don't always fit well in the pit shape.

Evaristo, if you want to work on the code, I can try to help. The above are
all nice ideas, like many others, but I personally don't have the time to
experiment with implementing them.


On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 1:57 PM, Evaristo Quiroga via Therion <
therion@speleo.sk> wrote:

> Hi,
> I greatly appreciate the improvement made by Vladimir at the rope line
> symbol.
> https://www.mail-archive.com/therion@speleo.sk/msg05992.html
> With this symbol you can control if the rope section has anchors and
> rebelays, as line options. This options are global to the line:  have or
> not rebelays or anchors.
> Now a I need to go more ahead, I want control the anchor type (natural:
> tree, block, etc or artificial: spit, multimonti, parabolt, etc) in every
> point and the rebelay in previous section. I want a round point for
> artificial anchor (like the Vladimir symbol) and a triangle point for
> natural anchor.
> When we rig with Y knots and deviators you need to control the line
> section without rebelays and anchors, so that the rope is straight and
> the knots do not appear as anchors. (see attached figure).
> Now I have to way to implement this in Therion: the easy and the elegant.
> Easy. Create two new point symbols for natural and artificial anchors. And
> use the rope line symbol with rebelay and anchor OFF in the rope section
> with Y and deviators, and  ON in the other sections.
> Elegant. Create a new rope line symbol, where I can control in every point
> the anchor type (Natural, Artificial or None, for knot) and the rebelay
> rope effect in the previous rope section. I think we can do this by
> defining options to the line point. I know other have implemented similar
> option, like "adjust horizontal". To do this a need code examples with
> similar option implementation to inspire me.
> Thanks,
> Evaristo.
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