Hi Vladimir,

Finally  I have choose the easy way (see the attached figure). Yours comments and other forum members convinced me. And it's more easy  also to coordinate with new Topodroid symbols.

Now I have two new user anchor symbols: u:anchor_artificial and u:anchor_natural which I combine with rope section with or without rebelays and anchors.

I put the mpost code if others users want use it.
I have choose a brown colour to rigging (rope and anchors). As you can not choose the color of the user symbols, with "symbol-colour",  I had to define it in the mpost.



/def p_u_anchor_artificial(expr pos,theta,sc,al) =//
//  T:=identity shifted pos;//
//  thdraw origin withpen pencircle scaled 0.25u withcolor (0.58, 0.44, 0.25);//
// initsymbol ("p_u_anchor_artificial");//
//def p_u_anchor_natural(expr pos,theta,sc,al) =//
//    U:=(.2u,.2u);//
//    T:=identity aligned al rotated theta scaled sc shifted pos;//
//    thfill (-.2u,-.2u)--(0,.2u)--(.2u,-.2u)--cycle withcolor (0.58, 0.44, 0.25); //
// initsymbol ("p_u_anchor_natural");

//  symbol-colour line rope [58 44 25]//

El 02/02/2018 a las 16:54, Владимир Георгиев via Therion escribió:
Hi Evaristo

Indeed the line rope needs some additions in an elegant way :). Occasionally I have also wanted to make a Y-anchor without the dot in the middle. But I hadn't had the time to add this feature. It can be done by adding extra line point options. Similar to "adjust horizontal", "l-size", etc for "line:wall". This will require modifications to both the Metapost code to draw the symbol, and to the therion c++ code that parses the options. It would be possible to draw different types of anchors depending on the line point option, but I am not sure if it will be easy to reflect the used anchors in the legend.

Actually it would be best if there are both ways of setting an anchor: with a line point option, or with a separate point "anchor" with different options. The "anchor" point already exists, but is only one type.

When I draw a rope I always use it with "rebelays off" now and draw the rebelays with a Bezier line. This allows me better control, because the automatic rebelay curves don't always fit well in the pit shape.

Evaristo, if you want to work on the code, I can try to help. The above are all nice ideas, like many others, but I personally don't have the time to experiment with implementing them.


On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 1:57 PM, Evaristo Quiroga via Therion <therion@speleo.sk <mailto:therion@speleo.sk>> wrote:


    I greatly appreciate the improvement made by Vladimir at the rope
    line symbol.


    With this symbol you can control if the rope section has anchors
    and rebelays, as line options. This options are global to the
    line:  have or not rebelays or anchors.

    Now a I need to go more ahead, I want control the anchor type
    (natural: tree, block, etc or artificial: spit, multimonti,
    parabolt, etc) in every point and the rebelay in previous section.
    I want a round point for artificial anchor (like the Vladimir
    symbol) and a triangle point for natural anchor.

    When we rig with Y knots and deviators you need to control the
    line section without rebelays and anchors, so that the rope is
    straight and the knots do not appear as anchors. (see attached

    Now I have to way to implement this in Therion: the easy and the

    Easy. Create two new point symbols for natural and artificial
    anchors. And use the rope line symbol with rebelay and anchor OFF
    in the rope section with Y and deviators, and  ON in the other

    Elegant. Create a new rope line symbol, where I can control in
    every point the anchor type (Natural, Artificial or None, for
    knot) and the rebelay rope effect in the previous rope section. I
    think we can do this by defining options to the line point. I know
    other have implemented similar option, like "adjust horizontal".
    To do this a need code examples with similar option implementation
    to inspire me.



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