Do you still get the error if you remove the loop in the wall?


And if you correct the orientation of the line wall in the top right corner 
(it’s yellow tick mark points out, not in)?




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Subject: [Therion] 'can't read "xth(me, cmds, ....": no such element in array' 





I trying to work in a topo I make recently. One of the sketches got way bigger 
than it should and is presenting errors like:


can't read "xth(me,cmds,5,18,x)": no such element in array


I already reduced the file to something really small and I still get these 
errors most of the times I try to open it.


Any ideas on what could be the cause?


I send attached both a small version of the sketch that presents the error and 
the complete log of the error.







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