I don't do this much, but here is what I do for a low grade survey.

I put this near the start of the low grade survey file.



    grade BCRA3  # low accuracy

    # grade BCRA5  # high accuracy





I am not sure if the same centreline can have multiple grades if you put grade 
statements in line with your data.

The Therion Book description on page 19 would suggest not, as quoted below.


“sd <quantity list> <value> <units> ▷ sets the standard deviation for the given
measurements. The Quantity list can contain the following keywords: length, 
bearing, compass, gradient, clino, counter, depth, x, y, z, position, easting, 
dx, northing, dy, altitude, dz.
• grade <grade list> ▷ sets standard deviations according to the survey grade 
specification (see grade command). All previously specified standard deviations 
or grades are
lost. If you want to change an SD, use the sd option after this command. If 
grades are specified, only the last one applies. You can specify grades only 
for position
or only for surveys. If you want to combine them, you must use them in one 
grade line.



There are UISv1 grade options these days, but I will let someone else who knows 
them verify that they work…





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Hi guys,


Sorry to bother you with my dumbness, but I can't figure it out how to use the 
command grade based on the manual. Let say that I have a survey with poor 
measurements, how to I apply grade3 to this survey ?





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