2018-02-22 15:44 GMT-03:00 Markus Boldt via Therion <therion@speleo.sk>:

> Hi,
> Rodrigo,
> if I do a look on your file with an simple editor (Windows), then it looks
> very other as all my own th2-files. In you file is written all in 3 lines.
> And I think that is the problem in generally. Your file is not really
> readable for Therion. I`am using Therion 5.4.1 on Windows 7 prof.
> This file looks like it is coming from Topodroid without compiling it to
> therion-format, if I`am right.

I think the problem you are seeing are caused just different line endings

My file looks exactly like that here. But I use Linux.

All other files from this same topo are being read correctly by Therion,

Don't Therion accepts Unix line-endings?


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