Great, thanks Dave, for calling in!
Mm, where's Stobot? I recall him
using Bob also.

Have fun guys. Ed

Op vrijdag 11 oktober 2019 04:10:41 UTC+2 schreef Dave:
> I love Bob.  Bob's my uncle.
> I love being able to read tiddler content from outside the browser system 
> (e.g via bash scripts), and I look forward to learning how to trigger bash 
> scripts from within Bob (I know its possible, just haven't learned how yet)
> I sync files between my home and work instances and sometimes that screws 
> up file versions, but that's not a major problem.  Am looking forward to 
> the easy-peezy secure server solution for accessing a single instance from 
> a "personal cloud" thingie too!! (I'm not smart enough to set up the server 
> securely at this point)
> Long live Bob!

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