fredag den 11. oktober 2019 kl. 10.35.37 UTC+2 skrev Hubert:
> HC,
> I'm not sure if the password wrapper allows it. I've tried it myself and 
> failed.

damn.. thanks for the answer  

> Instead, you might want to try adding your text in your splash screen 
> tiddler and perhaps positioning it using CSS (position: absolute, etc.) 
> This might work with a lot of trial and error but it's not pretty code-wise 
> and not recommended.

Maybe I will try this later. But in principle I don't think a message that 
belongs with the password should be in the splash screen ( if you have 
super slow conection/computer it will show when the prompt is gone).

For now I just added the svg logo to the splash screen... I think it looks 
very nice and minimal (thanks to your prompt).

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