On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 11:34:05 AM UTC+4:30, A Gloom wrote:
> Thank you! The idea is yours!
>> Yes, I use it in my WIki :-) and have documented under your name in 
>> TW-Scripts. 
> Thank you for the credit, I do this because this is what i used to do and 
> even though my country may not need me any longer, my efforts may be needed 
> elsewhere
> Is the original button still working for you?

I used the revised version! No need to use ctrl+v 

> The alternate url for the translate works for me-- and its shorter-- 
> though I'll find out for sure after clearing browser cache

> <$button message="tm-copy-to-clipboard" param={{!!text}} tooltip='Use 
> Google Translate to translate tiddler and instructions'>
> <$action-sendmessage $message="tm-open-external-window" $param="
> https://translate.google.com/?text=paste%20(control-V)%20to%20insert%20instructions"
> windowName="_translate" windowFeatures="height=400, width=600"/>
> TRANSLATE en-US > {{$:/info/browser/language}}
> </$button>
> and do you use a foriegn language edition of TW/  I'm wondering how my use 
> of core lingo (words maked with *) are dispalying in other language wikis.

I use the wiki in Persian! 

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