much gratitude for your testing and feedback

I tested the first Gloom button. It worked. Then I tested Mohammads 
version. Changing the language to danish of course. That worked very well.
Now in another of my Wikies I tried the latest Gloom button, and were 
offered translation into Persian. I could try to clear browser cache of 
course. But instead I tried first version Gloom button and that still works 
without that.

lol I got Hindi.  So my first version still works?  Good.  I wonder why it 
stopped for me...

> I want to use your great solutions in more wikies and that seems to work 
> nicely.

Mohammad's solution is perfect for applying translate tiddlers to an entire 
wiki, the original button would be good for a trandlate button for single 
tiddlers (like for attaching to a post here) or self-contained stand-alone 
tiddlers (like I usually produce).

> Using my wiki translated into danish the button is in english but the 
> translation windows is of course fine.

The "Translate" in the button would be English-- couldn't find a core 
language tiddler for translate.  Did the button show En/US > (danish)? (the 
part after the > should be reading your browser's language setting which I 
thought might be a visual clue the button was for the user's language)

The "public health agency search bookmarks" tiddler (over in the Additions 
to Mohammad's Covid wiki) was where I used some core lingo to translate 
some of the tiddler text without needing to use thr translate button-- if 
you want to chezk that as well-- its a single self contained tiddler that 
works by itself (it creates its own temp tiddlers)

> Birthe

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