Damon Pritchett wrote:
> I would like to have the list of tiddlers come up only when I'm using a 
> certain field or two: namely the mother and father fields. If I'm editing 
> any other field, I would like it to be have as you originally intended.

That is what happens for list-before and list-after so if you study how 
those cases are handled, I think you should figure it out. 

> I'm anticipating my list of tiddlers to become quite large, so what I 
> would like to add is the capability of typing in the field input box to 
> narrow down the list of tiddlers or previously used field values. 

As you note, typing (i.e setting focus to) anything outside of the popup 
closes the popup. So it would have to be a different mechanism. However, I 
use this tactic for my (initiated but not finished) attempt at a title 
picker, see elsewhere.


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