TW Tones (...I've been away from the boards for so long you even changed 
your name!? ;-)

Thanks for updating this. Its quite an elegant solution.

Thanks for the kind words. Personally I was somewhat taken aback now that I 
looked at it again, that it is so complex for something that small. I don't 
remember how I made it originally but it uses a few techniques that are not 
"typically me" (e.g using the LinkCatcherWidget) so I strongly suspect I 
based it on something else in the TW code.

Anyhow, I think you should make a fork because your ideas make it even more 
"niche", as far as I can tell. As noted, I most likely got the basic parts 
of it from the core code so do steal on ;-) I mean, unless otherwise 
specified all my shared stuff is for the benefit of the community so if 
people can take it even further and share, then that's just good.

BTW, I just updated with some minor tweaks (exchanging the old verbose link 
syntax for the modern compacted <$link/> syntax. No change in 


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