Hi Dave,

> shows up in a regular tiddler, ( in this case as "bar: what's up" ), but 
> not as its "transcluded" in the left bar?

Because your left bar is not part of the story river, and so in that 
context, your wikitext doesn't know what "currentTiddler" is.

If you want this kind of contextual details rather than a global left bar, 
you need to make your left bar more of a "left-tiddler-bar" ...and part of 
the story river... unless you figure out how to replicate the "live mode" 
from TiddlyMap into something other than a map.

@Felix, I think that would be a cool generalization: some vertical 
container that can update its contents depending on what is the tiddler 
currently scrolled into view in the story river ...while things like that 
sure wouldn't be designed to work on a mobile phone but rather only on the 
big screen.

Best wishes,


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