I have read and tried many solutions, most of them were reportedly working, 
but I cant manage to make this work for me :(

My current code is this one:

Macro definition for testing:

\define current_title()

Defining the variable value also for testing:

<$set name="myVariable" value=<<currentTiddler>> >
<$text text=<<myVariable>>/>

Test the variable, renders OK (currentTiddler title):

And now, doesnt matter how I try, I cant manage to filter with the variable 
<$list filter="[tag{{!!myVariable}}]">
<$list filter="[tag<myVariable>]">
<$list filter="[tag<<myVariable>>]">
<$list filter="[tag{!!myVariable}]">

The only thing I managed to work is:

<$list filter="[tag<current_title>]">

But for this I had to manually insert the tiddler name within the macro...

What got me to ask here is that I can use the macro but no variable seems 
to work even though they render OK outside the list....

What do you guys think is happening??

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