Your words "tagged with the title of current tiddler" resonated in my brain 
until I realized that the reason why it was not working properly is because 
while I was editing (and checking the rendered tiddler at the same time) 
the tiddler is named "Draft of ..." and not same as the tag..... I probably 
had it properly coded like 100 times today but it would never show because 
of the tiddler name!!!!

Thank you BJ and Riz for helping me realize this, what a noobs mistake!!!

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 1:49:42 PM UTC+2, Riz wrote:
> Assuming what you want is a list of tiddlers tagged with the title of 
> current tiddler, this code will work.
> <$set name="myVar" value=<<currentTiddler>>>
> <$list filter="[tag<myVar>]"/>
> </$set>

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