Hi Matt

Just to add to the answers from others,

> I'm also somewhat confused about why we have javascript macros then, and what 
> the difference is there.

The objective of TiddlyWiki’s security restrictions is to make it possible to 
safely share content between users. That requires that JavaScript code be 
clearly identified so that the recipient can decide whether to trust it enough 
to execute it or not; if we allowed inline JavaScript within fragments of 
wikitext then a recipient couldn’t know whether they could safely render 
incoming wikitext.

So, JavaScript macros are permitted because they are readily identified as 
such, and can be blocked when required.

The other factor in TiddlyWiki’s design that affects the use of third party 
JavaScript libraries is that TiddlyWiki doesn’t support the traditional web 
development paradigm of keeping state data in the DOM (this is the paradigm 
popularised a decade ago by jQuery). Instead, TiddlyWiki uses a virtual DOM and 
differential updates (this is the paradigm used by recent frameworks like 
React). The net effect is that TiddlyWiki generally doesn’t support just 
dropping in a <script> tag like traditional web pages. Having said that, the 
TiddlyWiki plugin library contains numerous examples of properly integrating 
third party libraries.

Best wishes


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