Edge cases???? I can see that you might be able to do a lot with the 
wiki-text macros, but ... for anything complex they get pretty *unreadable 
pretty quickly! And it's not like they use a language you might use 
somewhere else. IMO, more, not less, use should be made of JS macros.

I'm just about to rework the lexer/parser you helped me with a few years 
ago into TW5 - but it'll stay in JS. I hope you'll be on standby once again 

Cheers, Andrew

*I mean that in a nice way

On Monday, 6 March 2017 06:50:43 UTC+11, PMario wrote:
> On Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 1:55:08 AM UTC+1, Matt Groth wrote:
>> I regularly backup my wiki so I'd be interested to know if this is at all 
>> hackable.
> TW sanitizes javascript within normal tiddlers, for security reasons. 
>> I'm also somewhat confused about why we have javascript macros then, and 
>> what the difference is there.
> Standard macros are defined with \define ... \end .. Those macros are 
> "text substitutions". Everything between the "define - end" is wikitext, 
> which is powerful but still limited, compared to javascript. 
> javascript macros can use all the possibilities of javascript, but are 
> still limited to return text. So they work exactly the same way as 
> wiki-text macros. ... macros are not able to "refresh" the rendered output, 
> like widgets. Therefore they are simpler to use and define but you still 
> have to use a developer setting. 
>> Though at this point I should probably study the code a lot more so I 
>> know what I'm talking about. I'll be back!
> The js-macros have been introduced, because we needed them for some edge 
> cases. But it turns out, that tw wikitext is very powerful, so they are 
> only used for some core stuff. 
> hope that helps
> mario

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