On Monday, June 12, 2017 at 11:38:13 AM UTC+2, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Ciao PMario
>   PM: - Bundle function as a list of tiddlers. One tiddler per line

That's not easy to implement, with the current mechanism used. 
We use a filter similar to this:  [enlist{name.bundle}]  which the TW core 
can handle out of the box. I also use the existing AdvancedSearch export 
button. So no special code added yet. 

The bundler plugin is there to "protect" the new UI and the import "hooks" 
that allow us to detect what's going on and give user feedback. 

> This suggestion *pertains only to the simple list of tiddlers* Bundles. 
> For me that is the only place I'd need it. It would allow rudimentary 
> description of contents. At the moment a comment line would be ignored in 
> an export, but still be counted.

Yea, It seems it won't do crazy things, but it counts every word separated 
by spaces. ...  

Not sure if it is possible. Is it a headache?

.... kind of :)

> Another way might be to have an information field that describes the 
> content, as I suggested before, but that is maybe overkill? Being able to 
> add comments in Bundle may well be enough?

I'll have a closer look about a "bundle view-template".  .... but the list 
will need to stay in the way it is atm. 


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