On Monday, June 19, 2017 at 10:38:14 AM UTC+2, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> The lowest, and most basic, "Copyrightable Unit" is the Tiddler. It is 
> not plugins or other assemblages (like bundles). They can, of course, 
> collectively define their contents under Copyright, but the basic unit 
> seems to me to be individual Tiddlers.


> Take the case of svg's or single macros or widgets. 

This are kind of 2 different things. ... For SVGs there is an established 
mechanism. I'll respond in the other thread. macros and widgets are 

> Would it not be better if a default Copyright Field were available for 
> every Tiddler? And that when that field was created it would 
> automatically be shown in that Tiddler's "footer" region?

Theoretically speaking: yes.

Practically speaking: *no*   ... This would be a "management" nightmare and 
probably unnecessary bloat and noise. ... So users may be driven away. 

I'll respond in more detail in the other thread. 


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