The issue is that the assignment doesn't work like that.  You can't assign 
to a field like that, regardless of whether it's math or text or anything 
else.  The equals sign is just another letter when it's used in html. 
 You'd probably need to play around with macros and the <$action-setfield> 
widget to get what you want to happen. AS you can see in your example. The 
<$calc> widget did add the two fields together resulting in the 8 you see 
in the example.

Matt Lauber

On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 4:05:14 PM UTC-4, Uwe wrote:
> Hello dear helpers,
> in some tiddlers I have some (< 20) fields with numbers in them, ie 
> {{!!field1}}=2, {{!!field2}}=4 and {{!!field3}}=5 and so on.
> I imported $:/plugins/mklauber/math.js 
> <>
> from
> Using <$calc>, I *cannot *add the sum of these three fields  
> {{!!field4}}=<$calc>{{!!field1}} + {{!!field2}} + {{!!field3}}</$calc> into 
> field4.
> What went wrong?
> I need a solution for automatically calculating with the values of my 
> fields (+, -, *, :, percent, average) and to store the result in an other 
> named field. Is there such a solution out there? (Statistical values 
> calculated about all tiddlers with these fields would be great.)
> The use case is to calculate the average points of students they got in 
> some tests (and to get the average of all students).
> Greetings,
> Uwe

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