Uwe wrote:
> So I have tried this with Thomas Elmigers rpn plugin, 

> But how can I add the results of each of these expressions? (Has it 
> something to do with the listwidget you mentioned?)

Yes,  listwidget. I have not tried it so I may miss something fundamental 
but, basically, you'd iterate through the arguments recursively using the 
rpn to calculate "up til now" along the way. I'm a bit unsure of how to 
handle parentheses but spontaneously I'd think the first listwidget 
filtering must be to split out such sub-statements (i.e surrounded with 
parentheses) and then do the iteration with the rpn on it's contents. If 
you could accept statements without parentheses, I think it would be more 
direct and simpler. Regardless; if you have limited experience with filter 
operators in TW... then I guess you have some fun ahead of you ;-) ...BUT, 
as noted, I don't think it would make for an effective solution given that 
there surely are optimized js calculators that can(?) be 'tiddlified'.


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