So I have tried this with Thomas Elmigers rpn plugin, found here:

<$macrocall $name="rpn" a={{!!field1}} b={{!!field2}} operation="+" 2/>

<$macrocall $name="rpn" a={{!!field3}} b={{!!field4}} operation="+" 2/>

It is also not possible to add more than 2 fields in a macrocall.

But how can I add the results of each of these expressions? (Has it 
something to do with the listwidget you mentioned?)

Perhaps anyone has an idea for a completely other solution of the problem 
(see first post). [Please not: An external link to an Excel spreadsheet ;-)]

Am Dienstag, 8. August 2017 13:09:54 UTC+2 schrieb Mat:
> Uwe wrote:
>> Automatically calculating values in the fields and in the tiddler like 
>> this example would be a great simplification:
>> {{!!schnitt}}=({{!!field1}}+{{!!field2}}+{{!!field3}}+{{!!field4}})/4
> While it's not direct (i.e not optimized), it should not be overly 
> difficult to make a macro with a listwidget and the argument "( field1 + 
> field2 + field3 + field4 ) / 4" and iterates through this to pairwise (i.e 
> two numbers and one operator at a time) apply one of the existing 
> calculators (e.g Thomas Elmigers rpn plugin). 
> But then, there must be a *zillion* great js calculators that could just 
> be wrapped up as a TW plugin (...he said confidently without having ever 
> made a js plugin)
> <:-)

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