Hi Uwe

Try this structure to sum 4 fields in 1 macrocall:

<$macrocall $name="rpn" a=<<rpn "{{rpnTest!!example-1}}" 
"{{rpnTest!!example-1}}" +>> b=<<rpn "{{rpnTest!!example-1}}" 
"{{rpnTest!!example-1}}" +>> operation="+"/>

Hint: in the shortcut <<syntax>> the tiddler from where to get the field 
value must be specified in the transclusion.

All the best, 

Am Dienstag, 8. August 2017 16:28:44 UTC+2 schrieb Uwe:
> So I have tried this with Thomas Elmigers rpn plugin, found here:
> https://tid.li/tw5/plugins.html
> https://tid.li/tw5/hacks.html#rpnTest
> <$macrocall $name="rpn" a={{!!field1}} b={{!!field2}} operation="+" 2/>
> <$macrocall $name="rpn" a={{!!field3}} b={{!!field4}} operation="+" 2/>
> It is also not possible to add more than 2 fields in a macrocall.
Well, as demonstrated, it IS possible, but not very intuitive ;–) 
And: I would not recommend to try to add another level – the code gets too 
complicated. So 4 operands would be the limit.

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