Hello Jon,

You can use filesaver.js, see on github, 
The plugin for Tiddlywiki Classic is attached.
An example to use with InlineJavascript is included.
For your macro request please let me know what tiddler parts you want to 

Posting the file on this forum gives an error at the moment, I will try 

Have a nice day, Okido

Op zaterdag 13 januari 2018 00:08:18 UTC+1 schreef Jon:
> Hi,
> I have some highly modified TWCs that are important but way too much 
> trouble to convert to TW5 (until maybe retirement puts a lot of time into 
> my hands).
> It would be very useful for a couple of these to be able to read and write 
> local files. Impossible with current browsers, but perhaps possible with 
> TiddlyDesktop or TiddlyServer? If so, can someone spoon-feed me some basics 
> to help me get started? I'm experienced with TW, but not at all experienced 
> with nodejs or nw. The files could be either ordinary text files or 
> externally stored tiddlers, it doesn't really matter, as long as I can read 
> and write them with javascript.
> Thanks!
> Jon

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