I managed now to add an "open all"-button to the MultipleTagSearch with 

<$button>Open ''ALL found'' Tiddlers
<$list filter=<<finalFilter>>>
<$action-navigate $to=<<currentTiddler>> $scroll=no/>
(Found that somewhere in the web and modified it to work in the 

But still there are these unsolved problems (point 1. & 2. are the most 
important ones):

   1. In the "MultipleTagSearch" there are also the tiddlers listed, which 
   have the listed tags (for example in the test-wiki the New Tiddler 1, New 
   Tiddler 2, and so on... How can I hide them in the "MultipleTagSearch"?
   2. I would like to have the checkboxes directly next to the listed tags (for 
   example in the test-wiki the checkbox for "A" next to "A"). In that way I 
   would have to do one click-action less. And also I could see much faster, 
   which tags I have checked / not checked. Because, when I would click on the 
   arrow of a parent-tag I could see ALL child-tags of their parent-tag WITH 
   their checkboxes at once.
      - It wouldn't matter to me, if ALL the child-tags WITH their 
      checkboxes are inside the TableOfContents or in the white space on the 
      right side of the TableOfContents.

   - If I added a tag to search-by, I'd like to be able to remove that tag 
   very easy & fast- like in $:/plugins/danielo/tagSearch. There the added 
   tags are shown as the tagpills with their x in it.
   - The "Additional criteria"-Search-Field: At the moment it is like this:
      - When a write in "an", it lists the tiddlers with "an" somewhere in 
      the title.
      - When I write in that search field "An", then it lists the tiddlers 
      beginning with "An".
         - So it seems, that this filter is sensitive for capital & 
         non-capital letters. It would be nice, if it would dosen't matter, if 
         write "an" or "An"- it should list in both ways the tiddlers 
         beginning with "An" and "an".
Maybe, it would be better, not to use TableOfContents, but something else 
(so that the unwanted tiddlers could be hidden from the choosable tags)?
But I still couldn't find out how. Experimented a lot....

Please, all TW-freaks ;-) Please help...
I'll give hundreds of kisses ;-)

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