Interesting.  Some thoughts...

1 - Make it double-click to launch.
It's easy to launch accidentally with single-click.

2 - Restrict the movement to the owning tiddler.
Downside: For new (empty) tiddlers this does mean it will completely hide 
the tiddler

3 - A way to close it from within somehow (addresses downside above).


On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 8:10:42 AM UTC-6, BurningTreeC wrote:
> @all
> From playing around with the initial keyboard design I came to a new 
> approach,
> you can find it here: http://entrypanel.tiddlyspot.com
> It's almost done and I'd like to get some critics, would you like to use 
> it, what would I have to change to make it better?
> How should it be styled?
> best wishes,
> BurningTreeC

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