Thanks Diago,

To all,

I am currently traveling (portugal) so cant do a full site update.

The mymenus plugin allows you to configure simple or sophisticated menus within 
tiddlers. Or simply generate a menu of tiddlers tagged by a nominated tiddler 

On install a sidebar tab is created with a single menu providing access to the 
mymenus system. If this menu is hidden or the sidebar tab toggled off you would 
not know it was installed unless you define a menu and choose to display it.

Currently there is one menu style defined which can be changed in the plugins 
stylesheet. In a subsequent release, backward compatible, you will be able to 
choose from a range of styles or set custom styles for each menu.

The rest of the site has some simple personal settings such as trafic light 
buttons and a color pallet that have nothing to do with the plugin.

In time the site will contain smart menus for customisation of tiddlywiki, 
accessing system settings, controlling tags and fields and more, all obtained 
by dragging any single menu tiddler onto a tiddlywiki with the mymenus plugin 

I hope mymenus will prove to support the tiddlywiki community access to tip 
tricks and techniques in an easy to obtain way.


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