Hi Tony,

at first I really want to emphasize: I like your MyMenus :-))

Some styling one can adjust already quite easily in your stylesheet (like 
for example removing the borders).

For the future I'd love to have these possibilities:

   1. control the height of the buttons
   2. to choose, if I want a menu on the left, center or right side (in 
   TopRightBar / TopLeftBar / TiddlerFooter/ and so on)
   3. to control for every single menu, which of the symbols (which are 
   shown at the bottom of every menu, like info, view, edit & control) I want 
   to be shown and to control their size
   4. to control for every single menu, if the content (which is shown by 
   hover over) should be shown left-under or right-under the menu
   5. the jump-menu has a bug (I think): when there are many open tiddlers 
   it doesn't show all and is not scrollable
   6. more possibilities for putting symbols on:
      1. to the page controls
      2. In edit-mode at the bottom of a tiddler (for the edit-buttons like 
      bold and so on)
      3. to the sidebar (like the tabs)
Thanks for your plugin again :-)

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