You have precisely defined the problem. The crux of the matter really is
the cache because it isn't just a cache, it is the entire $tw environment
loaded into NodeJS, which then generates the HTML for the browser.

> I think one has to fix the server command as well as it defaults to the
> "default" route and just needs to use the value from bag to determine the
> correct target wiki.
> Other than that I did not find any problems that surfaced on my first
> look. It would be fine for me if the plugins are just forwarded to the
> browser as all the real work happens there.
> Side note: I thought about writing a SQLite adaptor some time if my setup
> grows as I can imagine this would speed up things quite a lot and make
> backups easier since all wikis would be just tables within one database.
> The only problem I saw just yet is the fact that the Node server seems to
> cache the tiddlers - otherwise mult-user wikis would be a breeze as Node
> could be completely agnostic of anything and just serve the tiddlers from
> the database. But I think this is a topic for a different day.

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