Hi Josiah,

Glad to hear that you found it useful. I hope more people will do too.

I did notice your request for padded numbers. Solutions towards that will 
bring with it two issues.

- Performance: To correctly pad, say 00001 or 00019 etc, you need to 
evaluate the number of digits and add number of zeros accordingly. This 
process should happen for every iteration of the loop, in addition to 
checking for existence of title with that number as suffix.

- You are essentially defining the maximum number of tiddlers you will 
create with that title. 
Say you decide you want the numbers to have 5 places. Like 00001 or 00019. 
The algorithm will flow like : Is the tiddler existing? -> Yes -> Add a 
numerical suffix with 5 places -> Increase it sequentially until you reach 
a unique number. 
This will go on as expected, till 99999. The moment you create the 100000th 
tiddler, the execution of code cannot move forward. Tiddler exists, but 
adding any number suffix from 00000 to 99999 is not creating a unique 
title, resulting in a deadlock.

A much more simpler, far more open-ended solution to this issue would be, 
IMHO, creation of a filter that sorts titles respecting the numerical 
parts. Given the alphanumeric nature of our titles, I think this is 

If you absolutely cannot wait for someone to come and create that filter, I 
suggest you give the $initval as 1000, and that would help you sort 


On Monday, 19 February 2018 15:10:05 UTC+5:30, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Hi Riz
> Your *Enumerator Plugin* is Brilliant! It actually goes beyond what I 
> originally thought was needed and solves not just my original query but 
> effectively deals also the "overwrite" problem because you can import 
> knowing you are NOT going to have name conflicts.
> I been testing it. It works perfectly. Just FYI, my workflow with it was 
> ...
> 1 - In TW Reggie (where I prep the text), create the Jason (with all 
> titles as "PERRY MASON")
> 2 - In TW PerryMason (the final destination) simply cut and paste the 
> content of the the Jason from (1) into a JSON tiddler in TW PerryMason. 
> [Note: I'll install your plugin on destination TW because that's where its 
> needed]
> 3 - Press the button to create the Tiddlers. Bingo!
> Whole process from collection of 8 Perry Mason texts from the net, 
> conversion to Json, transfer to final destination TW, press the button: 15 
> minutes. 2056 Tiddlers created. That's what I call GOOD! :-)
> I also tested it using more than one "title" value in one Jason. And also 
> used a second Jason. Works great. Numbering is exactly right.
> The ONLY issue I have, which I'm not sure if its solvable, is that the 
> numbers are not padded. To explain ... In the use case I hope its clear I'm 
> simply using the Tiddler Title as an INDEX (on the destination TW the 
> titles won't be shown). Because they are not padded the *sort order goes 
> weird*. So the listing (after save) starts looking like this ...
> Being able to have *indices that run from #0001 to #9999* would be icing 
> on the cake. But I suspect its difficult? Because of the way TW creates new 
> numbers sequentially?
> An alternative that could maybe work is listing the Tiddlers created in 
> *creation 
> time order* (latest first, so you see how many you have but I'm unsure if 
> all the time stamps would differ).
> Anyway. I'm incredibly grateful for what you have created. 
> And I'm sure its going to be useful for a lot more users than me.
> Best wishes
> Josiah
> P.S. Whilst I was getting the plugin I noticed you have a UUID maker. I'm 
> probably going to try that too for a different kind of indexing issue I 
> have. 
> Riz wrote:
>> Hi there Josiah,
>> Your problem provides an interesting challenge. Finally I created an 
>> action widget that creates tiddlers from a JSON tiddler, using user defined 
>> property for titles and auto-enumeration for conflict resolution. It even 
>> lets you specify the initial value for numerical suffix like you asked.
>> Here is the plugin and demo. 
>> <https://ibnishak.github.io/Tesseract/pluginsandmacros/index.html#Action-JSONtid>
>> Remember:  you have to save the data as a JSON tiddler, not plain text 
>> tiddler.
>> sincerely,
>> Riz
>> https://ibnishak.github.io/Tesseract/

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