Yet another very cool TiddlyWiki feature!

Might I suggest some kind of small icon to indicate dragging - like this 

instead of black bands? I imagine most TiddlyWikis published by users would 
not use your opening screen with instructions, so it needs to be more 
obvious for THEIR users where they can find this hidden stuff.

On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 2:02:46 PM UTC-6, BurningTreeC wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm tweaking on a Layout concept called *PanFlex *on 
> - it still has some quirks -
> But I'll show it off anyway ;)
> This concept uses my pan widget to create 4 draggable bars around the 
> story river that let you show and hide a left- top- right- and bottom panel
> Each panel can hold the content you like by tagging tiddlers with: 
> $:/tags/LeftBar $:/tags/TopBar $:/tags/BottomBar ... the right bar is the 
> sidebar and remains untouched 'cause it's a holy cow
> If you like to take a look and test, I'd appreciate if you let me know if 
> you find it useful and especially if you discover some errors and quirks
> The stylesheet and calculations a pretty complex and I hope I can fix the 
> remaining bugs soon
> All the best,
> BurningTreeC

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