This is a weakness in the TW design. The title field is overworked, being 
used for 3 different functions.

Rather than changing all your links, it's better to  pick a reasonably 
unique and accurate title, and sticking with it. 

If it's important to you to change how a link displays, consider using 
PMario's uni-link ( . It will 
let your links use the "description" field for display. The description 
field can be changed at any time without effecting linking. 

To import the plugin, go to the control panel 
( and 
open the plugins tab. Drag the uni-link over to your TW file. A green bar 
should appear. When it does, drop. A tiddler is created for importing. 
Click on "import". Then save your TW file and reload (the new plugin 
doesn't take effect until after reload).

Be sure to make a back-up of your TW file before doing this, of course.

Good luck!
-- Mark

On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 6:38:46 AM UTC-8, dg wrote:
> I'm a newbie and only an occassional dabbler at TiddlyWiki, so please bear 
> with me. 
> I see that if I rename a Tiddler that TW conveniently offers to rename 
> entries in the Lists or Tags fields of other Tiddlers for me. 
> But if I've used the Tiddler name in the text of another Tiddler -- which 
> I do a lot -- those embedded links do not get updated. 
> There's probably some easy way around this, but please keep in mind I'm 
> not even sure how a TW plugin works or how to use them. 
> Thanks in advance! 
> --
> dg

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