On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 3:38:46 PM UTC+1, dg wrote:
> There's probably some easy way around this, but please keep in mind I'm 
> not even sure how a TW plugin works or how to use them. 

Importing a plugin is relatively easy:

First: BACKUP your existing TW --- BACKUP BACKUP !!!

a) Open your TW in a browser WINDOW
b) Open this link 
https://wikilabs.github.io/editions/uni-link/#GettingStarted  in  a second 
browser window.
     - scroll down to "Installation"

Having the browser windows Side by Side works best 

 - Now drag the link from TW b) onto your TW in a) 
 - There should be an Import dialog
 - Import the the plugin 
 - Save and Reload!     <- Important

It should work now. 

have fun!

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