> An issue, that actually get's back to your original question in that other 
> thread; It would be neat to also be able to use this when in edit mode. I.e 
> drag'n drop an icon and have the code appear in the editor. Currently, only 
> the *title* of the source tiddler is dropped but it would be better if 
> dropping these Drag'n Drop Blocks automatically caused cloning of the 
> source tiddler, like it does in view mode. IMO drag'n dropping such blocks 
> should use the same command in edit mode and view mode, i.e merely drag and 
> drop, no "Ctrl+...".

Hm, that would need an enhancement in my dragndrop thing
I think it's possible and could be assigned to a key using the 
$:/config/DragDefaults tiddler
I also think it would be a faster way to accomplish on a lower level what 
we're trying here
The dragndrop approach of dragging into areas besides the text editor would 
still be valuable and I wouldn't want to drop it when the 
dragging-blocks-into-textareas is possible

> Another issue is that in view mode it is currently not possible to 
> *inject* rather than *append* the block. It is not sure that one would 
> want the block at the end. I'm guessing this is a difficult problem, i.e to 
> recognize exactly *where* the block is dropped in the view mode text.
> Also, we should ideally have blocks that can *encompass* existing 
> content, such as <div>...</div> or //...// and, in edit mode, maybe even 
> \define ... \end.

Right, I've also thought about these things - with the table approach a 
part of this would be made easier.
I was thinking about having the table check the existing code with some 
regexp list filtering for existing widgets and macros and what else, then 
represent them visually in a table where you can drag new blocks into and 
rearrange them.

The content of the table is stored in a qualified tiddler <$set 
name="storageTiddler" value=<<qualify "$:/whatever/whatever">>
Finished arranging and dragndropping, with the click of a button the 
current tiddler gets the new code
All this could be done without opening it in edit mode
The table could be toggled somehow like the info panel

> ...
> In that other thread Surya expressed a wish for using this to make tables. 
> I agree. I think it would be neat with a solution I've seen in word editors 
> where you click(!) on the icon and have a 'grid' pop up that symbolizes a 
> generic table, where you visually mark out how many rows*columns you want 
> in your table. (Suryas wish for the table fields to then be editable in 
> view mode is a different matter though. Solvable, but a different matter.)
> Generally, the idea to have the icons really be *buttons* is pretty neat. 
> Like it the table case, it can be used to show a popup for filling in any 
> parameter/attribute values - but as a button it can of course be used for 
> anything.

I somehow tried that before, it's doable. I think everything that's doable 
with a template tiddler and some variables is possible here - the how is a 
different question

But where's a will there's a way

> ...
> Idea: Drop outside of tiddlers, e.g to left of story river, to create a 
> *new* tiddler with that code. Would make for simple way to create 
> template tiddlers.
> ...

Also cool, could we make a checkable checklist somewhere where we can track 
ideas and check and comment them if we have solutions?

> Idea for later; imagine a toolbox with such icons, perhaps residing in a 
> sidebar tab. Maybe that toolbox could also have a drop area... that, if 
> code is dropped there, creates a tiddler with the dropped text as content 
> and a new icon is added to the toolbox for that tiddler! A kind of 
> clipboard for permanently reusable text/code.
> <:-)


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