Ciao BTC & Mat

One thing that interested me about this (because of its VISUALITY) is the 
possibility to construct complex <div> based layouts. 

The advantage over normal is SEEING WSIWYG RENDER LEVEL.

An example: say you wanted to make a three column newspaper layout 
consisting of of Images, Headlines & Text columns (boilerplate). Being able 
to d-n-d the <div> components needed that, in render, show the final 
structure could be a godsend. 

Best wishes

BurningTreeC wrote:
> I'd like to continue the discussion @Mat and @me had here 
> <!topic/TiddlyWiki/XsWMo7xrIzo> in this 
> new thread
> This is about creating universally usable blocks of wikitext that are 
> draggable and droppable onto tiddlers to append the codeblock directly to 
> the tiddler

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