> @Jeremy has pointed out that dragging the content of a tiddler is already 
> possible this, you can try it on tiddlywiki.com
> <$list filter="[tag[HelloThere]]">
> <$draggable tiddler={{!!text}}><$text text=<<currentTiddler>>/></$draggable>
> </$list>
Or to make it even more specific to clarify the simplicity of it:

<$draggable tiddler={{_source_tid_}}>{{_some_icon_}}</$draggable>

BUT there is an issue: The result is surrounded by [[ ... ]]. How can these 
brackets be omitted? (@Jeremy - ?)

I made some modifications to the demo/experiment site 
<http://twools.tiddlyspot.com/>. Now you can drop onto either of the view 
mode text area or the editor! (As noted, in editor the result is surrounded 
by [[...]].)


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