Arlen, I suggest you look at - 
the second comment: "This will not work if you are crossing partitions or 
using a virtual filesystem not supporting moving files. You better use this 
solution <> with a copy fallback" 
which links to a less (currently) accepted answer to the same question

On Linux /tmp is often 'mounted' in RAM to increase speed. Google suggests 
MINT users often do this though I can't say if that is the default with 
MINT or something Mark has done with his installation. That would make your 
fs.rename (line 160 of tiddlyserver.ts) fail since you can't rename a file 
from one filesystem to another, you have to actually copy the bits and, on 
success unlink (remove) the original file as the alternative solution on 
stackoverflow does.

Thanks for continuing to maintain TiddlyServer.

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