Hi all,

I was exploring various ways of automatically saving TW file with WebDAV.  
And my thoughts turned to Cryptomator (www.cryptomator.org).

Basically, this is an app which creates a vault - an encrypted file system 
(sort of), and provides access to it via WebDAV. Normally, on windows, the 
WebDAV interface gets mapped to a windows drive right away, and then it is 
possible to have file-system like access to your files. My idea was, that 
if I 

1. put my TW html file into cryptomator vault, 
2. then obtain direct webdav link to that file, 
3. I should be able to open it in browser and then edits should be 
automatically saved.

Unfortunately, I ran into problems with step 3. When I enter the link (it 
looks like into browser, it does 
not open the file but offers to save it instead. Do you know if there is 
any way of resolving such issue?

Kind regards,


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