I assume when it offers to save the file you can, over the existing one?

I have had WebDav Running on my Windows 10 recently and it worked well, but 
without any cryptomator.

When using a browser I can save files anywhere but to have something 
automatically save, since it could be malware the modern browsers insist it 
be in or under the downloads folder. If you look closely at some of the 
saver options you will see this.

Regardless of the your use of WebDav if you are referencing the tiddlywiki 
as a windows drive are you really using Webdav?

To access a tiddlywiki as WebDav served surely the tiddlywiki is at a IP 
address not a file?.

It seems for the solution you are talking about the webdav server needs to 
access the the encrypted filesystem on tiddlywiki's behalf. It is between 
these that the problem should lie.

Just some thoughts

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