On Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 6:22:49 PM UTC+2, Martin Hähnel wrote:
> I see. Where would one go to request such a feature? Would it be hard to 
> change this?

If you really want to request it, it would be on the tw github page.

But maybe your need could be solved by multiple text areas? I belive that 
setting tiddler type only affects the main text area so if you include a 
second text area viewtemplate to the tiddler viewtemplate then this could 
be used for the transclusion part. A simple case would be to include this 
second textarea just above or below the default one.

I didn't try exactly this but I think that to achieve this, you could 
merely clone these tiddler

$:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/body  and  $:/core/ui/EditTemplate/body
and add a list-after field to them with with their respective value 

Of course this solution assumes you're satisified with having the 
transclusion part in a static position (e.g always below the markdown text) 
so it is a bit limited.


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