Ciao Martin

It IS an interesting question.

Part of the issue you face is technical. It should be easier to do what you 
want--but it isn't--yet.

WHY? Because a parser for a mark-up system tends to NOT support anything it 
doesn't itself directly support. This is with good (standards) intent, but 
I think short-sighted on actual usage.

Personally I think MUTANT MARKUP is perfectly legitimate--meaning you write 
in one markup system but ALSO can include some TW markup that gets 
correctly rendered.

If you are tech-minded a place to start is to look at BJ's plugin for 
creating new Content Types ...

... study it and you will get a lot clearer about the TW parser and how it 
works. Its actually very amenable to change. BJ made two Markdown parsers. 
You could maybe add a RULE-module to one of them?

Best wishes

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