I was thinking that there must be code in TW to convert tiddlers into JSON. 
So it would be possible to convert all related tiddlers (it would be up to 
the user to decide the relationships) into fields. Like _assoc1, _assoc2, 
etc. Or maybe one big field.

The question is whether it would be any improvement over just using 
PMario's bundler plugin ??

-- Mark

On Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 6:08:40 PM UTC-7, TonyM wrote:
> Mark,
> I would also add, designed correctly a packed would have the unpack 
> "button" built in and be tolerant of generating multiple copies. The 
> content need not be in a field but hidden in a \define 
> partial code to illustrate
> \define unpack(packedtiddlertitle newname)
> <$set name=defaultname value=$newname$ emptyValue="originalname">
> Button that Calls packedtiddlertitle(newname) to create the tiddler
> </$set>
> \end
> \define packedtiddlertitle(newname)
> all it takes to recreate the packed tiddler
> \end
> \define 2ndpackedtiddlertitle(newname)
> all it takes to recreate the packed tiddler
> \end
> <<unpack packedtiddlertitle [optional-new name]>>
> <<unpack 2ndpackedtiddlertitle [optional-new name]>>
> People could package and use this for tiddler templates and new tiddler 
> creation.
> Regards
> Tony
> On Friday, August 10, 2018 at 10:56:45 AM UTC+10, TonyM wrote:
>> Mark,
>> Actually it is an almost original idea and very creative,  history 
>> demonstrates a lot of good ideas "have their time" and multiple "originally 
>> discovered ideas"  can be similar. 
>> I have being corresponding the Jeremy on the comments plugin and hinted 
>> at such an idea. I expect you would be interested in that thread 
>> https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/issues/3378
>> I have already created a way to use comments for tiddler review with an 
>> accept and reject button. the idea is (set the user name on the wiki) I 
>> apply comments to tiddlywiki.com tiddlers then export them and send them 
>> to someone, they import them and read them along side each tiddler, to 
>> which they apply updating that tiddler as they go and indicating accept or 
>> reject. You could then export them and send them back to the contributor.
>> To me having a packer would allow us to deliver (in comments) new 
>> tiddlers as well, perhaps a new tiddler referenced by the current tiddler 
>> or using the wikiwide comments also in the comments plugin.
>> I do believe this packer plugin "embed tiddler in tiddler" can be an 
>> independent tool and would be happy to help build it.
>> Regards
>> Tony
>> and a related one https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/issues/3385
>> On Friday, August 10, 2018 at 1:26:24 AM UTC+10, Mark S. wrote:
>>> I haven't seen the comments plugin, so pardon me if this idea is 
>>> unoriginal. It occurs to me that you could have a "packer" button that 
>>> takes all tiddlers related to a current tiddler, and packs them into 
>>> fields. Then when you export the tiddler, all the supporting tiddlers go 
>>> with it. Later, an unpacker button would extract the fields.
>>> -- Mark
>>> On Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 7:26:17 AM UTC-7, Mohammad wrote:
>>>> Hello Mark!
>>>>  Thank you, yes I thought the same to have a customized export button!
>>>> By the way I learned from comments pluging in pre-release 5.1.18 how I 
>>>> can have my note edit box in the view mode not in the edit mode.
>>>> You asked to whom you want to export? It is good to export a slideshow 
>>>> with its all slides and notes as json file as archive, and distribute for 
>>>> example to students!
>>>> But as you said there is always problem to keep everything related with 
>>>> together!
>>>> I will have a look at PMario bundler plugin!
>>>> *Mohammad*

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