When I started using TiddlyWiki, I originally thought the tags were the 
perfect solution to find notes easily: just pick the right tags and find 
what I was looking for. For example, if I'm looking for a description of 
running TiddlyWiki on Node, I select the "TiddlyWiki", "Node", and 
"Hosting" tags. Or, for example, if I'm looking for cat's description, I 
select the "pet", "mammal", "cute" tags. The system works because our brain 
also connects concepts through their similar qualities (I think), but the 
problem is the same as in our brain: we get a disordered concept set.

No matter how much I wanted to avoid, a hierarchy (ToC) is needed because 
it makes the system organized. The great thing about working with 
TiddlyWiki is that the same note can appear in several different parts of 
the hierarchy. For example, a cat may be included in the "pets" and 
"mammals" branches. 

But besides the hierarchy (as can be seen from the description), it is also 
necessary to have the tags visible. If someone wants to see the structure 
(ToC) and the tags at the same time, he might be interesting to have the 
Locator plugin: https://bimlas.gitlab.io/tw5-locator/

Trying to apply the theories in this article, here is an example usage of 
Locator sidebar: https://bimlas.gitlab.io/

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