Jeremy Ruston wrote:
> Err under this proposal, “variables” are just tiddlers whose value is 
> different across the widget tree. We haven’t turned every tiddler into a 
> variable, we’ve turned variables into a special type of tiddler. 

> The idea of a naming convention is so that users can easily distinguish 
> between tiddlers intended to be used as variables, and those intended for 
> ordinary use.

Aha, more akin to how we currently use e.g state tiddlers then. I'll start 
a new thread on some thoughts about this.

Then the difference between {{Foo}} and <<Foo>> would be that the latter 
>> would be equivalent to {{$:/variable/Foo}}.
> Couldn't e.g {{Foo}} cover everything? -
> Yes, that’s exactly it; I was proposing the angle brackets syntax as a 
> shortcut for transcluding tiddlers with a particular prefix to their title. 
> The idea is to allow us to use long tiddler titles for variables (that 
> won’t clash with the users tiddler titles) while being able to refer to 
> them without typing the entire name.

But then you're still proposing a syntax with two kinds of brackets, that 
users must learn about. Even if only {{}} is *required* and <<...>> is a 
shortcut for {{$:/...}}, the user will probably still have to learn about 
both of those - just like it currently, very early on, is insufficient to 
only know about <<>> for macrocalls (any complex argument typically forces 
use of <$macrocall/>). My OP is mainly about simplifying the syntax because 
we have so many syntax forms.


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