Very useful thoughts for someone like me.

One thing missing, at least I can't find one, is a CRIB sheet of existing 
syntax ... something along the lines of those that Tobias did for Filters 
and WikiText examples.

My single biggest issue as an idiot is that I forget what all the variant 
brackets mean so have to go fish around and look them up repeatedly. I've 
found it hard to consolidate what I know in a way that becomes intuitive. 
Crib sheets help people like me get out fog.

The rest of your points I think I understand, but, before one starts 
changing fundamentals, I'm wondering is just gathering all the syntax on 
one "page" with simple examples might not do what is needed.

Best wishes

Mat wrote:
> I just want to bounce this thought to hear if it makes sense:
> The idea is about how to simplify the syntax, or at least make it easier 
> to learn. 

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