I'm actually not editing the stylesheets, but the configuration tiddler 
itself. (e.g. $:/themes/tiddlywiki/vanilla/metrics/storywidth)  But I'll 
look at put a list-after on my plugin, see if I can control plugin-order 
via that.  Thanks!

On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 12:00:09 AM UTC-5, Simon Huber wrote:
> Hello Matthew,
> this could be because TW loads the stylesheet before the vanilla base 
> stylesheet, so that the latter overrides your styles. I had that problem, 
> too
> For me it worked adding the field "list-after" with this content: 
> $:/themes/tiddlywiki/vanilla/base
> Simon
> Am Montag, 12. Februar 2018 00:43:02 UTC+1 schrieb Matthew Lauber:
>> I've got some tweaks I like on all my wikis (breakpoint, story river 
>> width, etc).  I tried to pack them into a plugin so I can move them from 
>> wiki to wiki easily, but what I discovered is that once I pack them into 
>> the plugin, they no longer work.  I can see them inside the plugin, so what 
>> I think is happening is that my preference plugin is being loaded before 
>> the theme plugin itself, and thus the theme overwrites my tweaks.  
>> Can anyone shed light on what controls plugin load order?

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